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Katy is simply a fantastic teacher and person. She is patient, caring and understanding toward kids. Not only does she have a great approach towards kids, but she is also a very good communicator. Katy has been regularly providing updates regarding school activities, progress that my son has been making, and sharing feedback that was helpful for me outside of school. My son has been taught by Katy in the classroom (school), nature (forest camp) and individual setting (tutoring). Katy is extremely passionate about what she does and truly cares about all of her students. Feedback received directly from my son only confirms what I could observe myself: Katy teaches in a way that kids are having fun and desire to learn more and more, which is a blessing for every parent.

Ella K.

We have been extremely blessed by the opportunity to work with Katy Severe in many facets. She has left a lasting impression on our family and helped my son so much both as his teacher (in a classroom setting) and his private tutor. She is so caring, patient and kind. She is extremely detailed, thorough and organized. She acts with intention and with the student’s best interest at heart, always communicating with parents along the way. Most importantly, she builds relationships with kids and accepts them for who they are while gently guiding them to grow; she loves on them as her own. I’m a parent of a neuro-diverse kiddo but also an educator and I can say without hesitation that Katy is truly a gift and a master teacher. I recommend her with the highest regard.

Kelly J.

Katy has been a Godsend for our family this past year. She provided stability, adventure, learning, and a solid foundation for my son to build his education on, during one of the most difficult years ever! My son was able to grow and heal under her direction in so many ways. She communicates regularly, problem solves collaboratively, and gives and receives feedback openly. I would highly recommend her!

Mary M.

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